How Elon Musk Made People Take Him Seriously

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Big, revolutionary concepts do not occur frequently. And when they do, it may be very challenging for folks to swallow them. People actually prefer the status quo, therefore any attempts to change it will inevitably encounter opposition. Change terrifies people.
Sadly, the human race as a whole also frequently lacks ambition. The most typical response you’ll get when you tell someone you want to be an astronaut or a rock star is disbelief. But someone needs to succeed, therefore this is unfortunate!

But how do you persuade them to support your proposal and part with their money after considering all of that? How do you convince others to support your great idea?

The Influence of Reputation:

In fact, Elon Musk faced a similar issue when he sought to launch a man into space. Though he was virtually unknown at the time, Musk is today taken seriously by everyone. All he knew was that his goal was to provide space travel to the masses. And he felt left out of the attempts undertaken at the time by NASA and others.
Thus, he came up with the concept of a prize to persuade businesses to develop the technology required to realize his vision. The sole issue? Nobody trusted him to provide the money since he didn’t have it.

He found a way out by giving his first presentation in front of eager engineers and astronauts. He did this by finding people who shared his enthusiasm for his idea, which gave the notion as a whole more legitimacy. If he had appeared alone, people would have laughed him off the stage, but not when he did.

How to Make Your Big Idea Credible

So, the next time you have a great business idea, consider how you might convince others to support it and who you would need to persuade them. If you think it’s foolish, talk to someone who won’t and who can persuade others if you think it’s stupid.
The benefit of having a “big idea” is that it will naturally be more fascinating than a tiny idea, and as a result, you’ll find that there are people who want to represent it. Just need to locate them!