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Senior Executive Officer

The Senior executive officer of Digital Wealth-Go in the UK, Luis Campbell, is in charge of ensuring the company’s success and local expansion. Luis worked in the “embedded finance” and payments industries before joining Digital Wealth-Go. He built and led diverse teams to support the development of a hyper-growth start-up. As Chief Operating Officer, he oversaw the purchase and integration of a card services company, as well as the management buyout of a high-net-worth life insurance company.



Chief Marketing Officer

The Chief Marketing Officer for Digital Wealth-Go is Rupert Miller. Rupert Miller spent five years at an online social media and social networking service an American company, where he developed many of the social network’s first consumer marketing efforts in more than 50 different countries.  Additionally, he worked for social media and social networks for two years in business marketing, assisting advertisers in developing their brands and companies online


Chief Product Officier

Raya Newman leads Digital Wealth-Go’s product organization and drives our mission to build the best tools. She spent more than 15 years leading product teams at Large corporate services used by billions of users worldwide. Raya brings a deep-rooted passion for technology that helps users globally improve their financial health.

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Chief Content Officer

Lawrence Moore is Chief Content Officer at Digital wealth-go, and he is in charge of the company’s content and credential strategy as well as its partnerships.
Before joining Digital wealth-go, Lawrence held a number of leadership positions in the leading global provider of educational programs and served as associate dean and associate professor. Throughout his career, Lawrence has won several awards in teaching and research.

Marketing Manager and Content Designer

Marketing Manager and Content Designer

Anya Andrews,5 years of experience in supporting companies and solopreneurs to improve their online marketing and advertising business, ensuring growth to attract the target audience.


Team Leader Of Authors of Professional Books and Guides

Elijah Clarke is Passionate about knowledge, transferable skills, and management skills, but also business, Elijah has been writing on these themes for over twenty years. She has directed several collections of practical works and signed many books.

Editorial Manager and Copywriter

Editorial Manager and Copywriter

Stella Butler,10 years of experience in professional writing for advertising agencies and magazines, Editorialist published internationally.

Expert Content Writer

Expert Content Writer

Nick Dinan,8 years of experience A versatile writer, has helped several Solopreneurs and small businesses develop their online presence through SEO-optimized blog posts

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Mentor and consultant in Online Business

JessicaWalker,10+ year career has taken many exciting twists and turns over the years, including entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, and Social media strategy.

Helped 1000s of people across 6 continents with their online businesses to date