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Cost per Action, or CPA, is essentially an affiliate marketing strategy that is employed by practically all businesses worldwide to create leads for their goods. Affiliates conduct this marketing by driving visitors to the advertiser’s website for the company’s product through their own websites. Pay per click and Pay per lead advertisements are two distinct forms of marketing that are covered by CPA.

Although CPA networking was a key component of Google’s advertising strategy up until June 2008, eBay has since adopted this strategy under the name Ad Context. Cost per acquisition is another name for CPA. This makes more sense on a literal level, considering that CPA networks’ affiliate marketers are compensated based on the revenue they generate from their clients.

When using this type of advertisement, there is no money-back guarantee. Affiliates are compensated for each lead that they send to the advertiser, provided that the potential customer completes the entire action. This makes it easy for affiliates to work for their advertisers, and for advertisers to work for their affiliates.

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Within this Digital book, you will find the following chapters:


Chapter 1: CPA – An Overview
Chapter 2: Selecting the Right CPA Plan for Yourself
Chapter 3: Methods of CPA Promotion
Chapter 4: How to Select CPA Offers
Chapter 5: The Top 8 CPA Networks to Join
Chapter 6: Tips to Generate Natural Traffic for Your CPA Offer
Chapter 7: The Hype of CPA Marketing
Chapter 8: How You Can Earn Big with CPA Marketing
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  1. Richard P. Newkirk

    This book provides step by step instructions. Pretty Good information. Nothing I didn’t already know but still pretty good.

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