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The good news is that you don’t need to be incredibly creative to create your own own product. You can always improve something that already exists or make it bigger and better, as so many other people do. You could create a product mash-up and create something original. For instance, let’s say you have three or four ebooks about a specific topic or issue.
Simply borrow concepts from these books and write your own. Instead of copying them, you learn from them and create a product of your own that incorporates your own concepts, research, and data.

Here’s what you’re going to learn!

Within this Digital book you will find the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • The Most Important Thing When Writing An E-book
  • How To Craft The Best Topic For Your Product To Catch The Attention Of Buyers
  • Drafting Out Your Table Of Contents
  • Writing It Yourself versus Outsourcing
  • How To Outsource
  • Dealing With People You Hire To Create Your Product
  • Developing A Long-Term Working Relationship With The People
  • And more!




1 review for Outsource Product Creation

  1. Joseph D. Griffin

    It’s an industry that doesn’t sell products, but I read it when I started thinking about whether I could outsource part of my work! How to recruit outsourcers, points to be aware of, recommended contact tools, etc. have been compiled, and the image of outsourcing has become clear. I recommend it to people who want to work more efficiently!

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